Drupal 6: Using Drush to download contributed modules and setup a base Drupal installation

Drush is a great command line module for administering a Drupal site. It’s core features are listed here. Check out the README.txt for usage and installation documentation.

Drush can be used to setup a base Drupal installation with a few quick commands, awesome. One of it’s biggest time saving features is downloading all the contributed modules when setting up a new site. Here are a few commands I use to setup a new Drupal site based on feature sets. The following commands should be run in the root directory of your drupal installation.

# Download development modules and themes:
drush dl admin admin_menu coder devel devel_themer reroute_email simpletest views_bulk_operations --destination=sites/all/modules/contrib/ --uri=http://yourhostname.com

# Download common/essential modules:
drush dl cck views date wysiwyg pathauto token captcha recaptcha location emfield link jquery_ui webform htmlpurifier luceneapi vertical_tabs --destination=sites/all/modules/contrib/ --uri=http://yourhostname.com

# Download SEO modules:
drush dl google_analytics xmlsitemap globalredirect site_verify --destination=sites/all/modules/contrib/ --uri=http://yourhostname.com

# Download structural/building modules:
drush dl context features ctools panels --destination=sites/all/modules/contrib/ --uri=http://yourhostname.com

# Download image handling modules:
drush dl imageapi transliteration filefield mimedetect imagefield imagecache imagecache_actions --destination=sites/all/modules/contrib/ --uri=http://yourhostname.com

NOTE: the destination and uri flags on the drush command are optional, but I recommend using them. In recent Drupal development I stopped using sites/default in favor of sites/hostname.com, to ensure that if I ever decide to move the site into a multi-site configuration, I will not have overlapping sites/default/files directories.

You can even enable the downloaded modules from the command line by using the “drush en” command..

drush help en