Drupal 5: Querying the node table for a distinct list of updated nodes per user

This morning I was writing a query to get a distinct list of updated/added times for each node type per user. The result was going to be using in a table to show when the user last added or updated each type of node in the system. Here is an example of how to query the node table with subqueries:

$sql = "
    n.nid, n.vid, n.created, n.changed, n.type, n.title
  from {node} n
  join (
    select max(changed) as maxChanged, type
    from {node}
    group by type
  ) as n2 on n2.type = n.type and n.changed = n2.maxChanged
  join (
    select max(nid) as maxNid, type
    from {node}
    group by type
  ) as n3 on n3.type = n.type and n.nid = n3.maxNid
  where 1=1
    and n.uid=%d
    and n.status=1
  order by n.changed desc

$resource = db_query($sql, db_escape_string($GLOBALS['user']->uid));
$results = array();
while($row = db_fetch_array($resource)) $results[] = $row;